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Establishment and health - City Ambulance of Eureka Inc at 135 West 7th Street, Eureka, CA 95501, US. On this page you will find information about the company, its opening hours of the company, telephone and address and customer testimonials.

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135 West 7th Street, Eureka, CA 95501
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+1 707-445-4907

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Reviews about City Ambulance of Eureka Inc

  • Michelle Morgan
    Oct, 31 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    I was in a 4 car pile up last year that almost killed me and I have been unable to drive from sudden panic attacks since that wreck. I am an accountant who travels to many city’s in California including Santa Cruz, San Jose, Santa Rosa, San Francisco, and now on a project in Eureka, CA.

    I have a taxi service I call loyally in every city I ride in. Some of the business owners and/ or drivers have become clients even people I call friends.

    Eureka is monopolized by one taxi service as they have been able to have local legislation regulate the cab industry so that no smaller company can afford to drive in this county. In eureka they are the only licensed cab service and so there is no other choice but them.

    Last week I had to leave a casino/hotel to go to a coworkers location and then for both of us to go to my place to work on a project. I told the coworker i spent all of the cash I had at the casino as I was having too much fun and she said she would go ahead and pay for the cab. Cab was to be there at 6pm and told me on the phone I would be riding with another passenger and asked me if I agreed. I said no problem. At 6:03pm I notice that right outside the doors a cab who never came to the front door was exiting the parking lot. As if he had picked up or dropped off at the side door. The dispatch had also told me they would text before arrival and I had reminded them 5 mins in advance by text and no alert.

    I immediately called the cab company who told me no explanation as to why the cab left with only one passenger but that I had to wait for the cab to do a 50 min round trip to get back to me. I knew my coworker had a prior commitment at 8pm and I mentioned this to cab but I had to call my coworker who said she would be waiting for me at the pick up agreed. So cab was asked to come to my location.

    This cab driver now was in my perception and hour late arriving after the last fiasco and when the younger gentlemen was so snotty to me When I got in the cab that I had to stop his criticism of the other car he was bitching about to call my coworker prior to pulling out of the casino deiveway to just confirm. given that it was 60 mins past my arrival shenof course didn’t answer . And I called 3 times. So I look st the kid driving me and tell him I think the delay has impacted my schedule and that I would not be taking his cab. He was pissed and he called his dispatcher who’s name I have learned since is Ryan.

    Well the driver told Ryan two dishonest statements 1. That we were on the road to eureka ( we were in fact still in the parking lot of the casino and 2. That I had just changed my mind and decided not to take the taxi as previously ordered. I looked at Ryan and said that is not very honest and ur misleading the man on the phone. I got on the phone with Ryan who told me then I had to pay $22 or they would blacklist me from their service. I calmly explained to Ryan a few things 1. That they were a hour late and it very week could be the cause for my coworker to no longer be available and 2. That I spend between 200-300 a day, 7 days a week with their company totalling almost $10k a month. 3. That the driver was being misleading about where we were and the cause of the cancelation.

    Ryan was so rude to me with the driver chiming in it was almost like I was being bullied but two teenage boys. Then all of a sudden my coworker phone back and she had only been in the shower for a minute and couldn’t get to the phone to andwert before I hung up. So now the cab call was back on I told this to dispatch and the driver an both seemed very unhappy that I would. Be using their cab service .

    So the driver when I was sobbing quietly in the back seat had told me I’d i don’t quick my sniffling he would through me out in the middle of nowhere. I am a touch girl but my brother just passed away and I was grieving .

    Since then I have now on 4 different occasions based on who is working dispatch been directed to prepay cash, press debit card and other ways that were inappropriate talking to me almost as if I am a leper passing
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